BBGSite Weekly Wrap-up: Best Browser Games, New MMO, Zombie Pandemic

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What new/funny things have been brought forth on BBGsite during the past week? There must be much news flashing through your mind, but how can you catch it? Don't worry, check this BBG weekly wrap-up and sort out your thoughts!

Best Browser Games of the Year 2010!

We made it! As the two-month event “Best Browser Games of the Year 2010” which started from the last day of 2010 came to an end today, now, please allow me to inform you of the final winners. Thanks to the numerous users and game companies' active participation in the whole progress, the event became a great feast for all the browser-based game enthusiasts!

Best Browser Games of the Year 2010

In this event, we arranged a total of 10 awards and about 50 candidates for each award. 1282895 votes in total were received in the event at last. Check below for the specific winner of each award.

Firstly the big prizes (Click the ico to check all the games in that prize):

1. Most Popular

1st. Farmerama


143712 Votes

2nd. Lady Popular

Lady Popular

143499 Votes

3. Reign of Blood

Reign of Blood

39748 Votes

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Made in China, 3D Browser Game in Three Weeks



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