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We made it! As the two-month event “Best Browser Games of the Year 2010” which started from the last day of 2010 came to an end today, now, please allow me to inform you of the final winners. Thanks to the numerous users and game companies' active participation in the whole progress, the event became a great feast for all the browser-based game enthusiasts!

Best Browser Games of the Year 2010

In this event, we arranged a total of 10 awards and about 50 candidates for each award. 1282895 votes in total were received in the event at last. Check below for the specific winner of each award.

Firstly the big prizes (Click the ico to check all the games in that prize):

1. Most Popular

1st. Farmerama


143712 Votes

2nd. Lady Popular

Lady Popular

143499 Votes

3. Reign of Blood

Reign of Blood

39748 Votes

2. Best New Game

1st. Terra Militaris

Terra Militaris

41553 Votes

2nd. DDTank


30213 Votes

3. Shards of the Dreams

Shards of the Dreams

23216 Votes


3. Most Anticipated

1st. Star Trek: Infinite Space

Star Trek: Infinite Space

19584 Votes

2nd. Nadirim


15804 Votes

3. Ceiron Wars

Ceiron Wars

6721 Votes


4. Best Graphic

1st. Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914

100619 Votes

2nd. Pet Forest

Pet Forest

48680 Votes

3. DDTank


19784 Votes


Then the most favorite games by genre:

5. Favorite RPG

1st.Reign of Blood

Reign of Blood

37476 Votes

2nd. Dragon's Call

Dragon's Call

34713 Votes

3. Canaan Online

Canaan Online

28796 Votes


6. Favorite Simulation Game



86805 Votes

2nd. Online Football Manager

Online Football Manager

77602 Votes

3. Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online

24084 Votes


7. Favorite Strategy Game

1st. Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914

119948 Votes

2nd. Castle of Heroes

Castle of Heroes

100798 Votes

3. 1100AD


34188 Votes

8. Favorite Community Game

1st. Lady Popular

Lady Popular

93954 Votes

2nd. SmallWorlds


18384 Votes

3. Neopets


5789 Votes

9. Favorite Social/Facebook Game

1st. Destiny Stone

Destiny Stone

5837 Votes

2nd. CityVille


5801 Votes

3. FrontierVille


4358 Votes

Particularly, we’ve also selected the:

10. Favorite Company

1st. Bytro Labs

Bytro Labs

92040 Votes

2nd. XS-software

XS Software

63634 Votes

3. Bigpoint


38986 Votes

Congratulations to all the above excellent games and game companies acknowledged by players, as well as to all the candidates. You all deserve the votes!

Also, congratulations to the users who bet on these games. Your double gold rewards will be given out automatically. Please check your accounts in time.
The winner list will soon be displayed on the left side of BBGsite Homepage, and the event page will remain there too. Everybody can just check each award’s candidates and final winner at any time.

2010 is a year filling with playful browser games. We are grateful for game companies’ pushing out so many excellent products, and are also looking forward to the debut of more good projects in 2011. From the candidates of “Most Anticipated”, we can in a sense say that 2011 will be a very exciting year too. Hope game companies can make unremitting efforts and bring us more and better games in 2011. Meanwhile, BBGsite will provide players with the latest game info, guides and reviews as always, and dig out and recommend the best browser games as well. The yearly event “Best Browser Games of the Year” will move on too, and we’ll make continuous efforts to develop it to be the most authoritative and most professional browser-game-related award activity. Please stay tuned to BBGsite and “Best Browser Games of the Year”!

Additionally, we want to express our special thanks for the following sponsors’ strong support for the event:,, Dovogame, Snail Games, Caplay, EverDream, nGames, XS-software, Goldfire Studios, and



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