Dynasty Saga Open Beta to Start on Dec. 20th!

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Dynasty Saga

Dynasty Saga 's Closed Beta test is drawing to a close! You know what THAT means! The first official server will be opening soon!

The Dynasty Saga's Open Beta server will launch on December 20 at 18:00 (PST Time). To celebrate it, EVERY player will receive 200 Gold when they login to the new server.

The server will be running under Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+0), with no adjustment for Daylight Savings.

Dynasty Saga Open Beta

Dynasty Saga is the newest browser game in the Three Kingdoms series. It is a revolutionary fusion of conventional city-building strategy games and story-telling RPG adventures. You no longer need to toil tirelessly for resources or wait endlessly to recruit your army. Dynasty Saga is all action! By utilizing gambits, tactics, formations and your military ingenuity, you can defeat players of all levels and experience!

Dynasty Saga Open Beta

During the Closed Beta Test, thousands of players explored the exciting world of Dynasty Saga and had many memorable experiences. The game has been so well-received that it even received 5 stars from Facebook users! A lot of gamers participated in our events with great enthusiasm. Also, thanks to the help of dozens of dedicated players, we were able to fix virtually all of the bugs in the game!

During this week, our team has worked hard to fix any remaining bugs and to improve the game’s interfaces. As always, we are dedicated to offering you, our players, the best game experience possible!

Create your legacy, decide the fate of a dynasty!

Stay tuned on Dynasty Saga Official Website or the Facebook Page for exciting upcoming events and activities!



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