Sail Your Romance On Ark 3!

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War of 2012

NO. 3?

All good things come in threes?

Yes, we have Ark 3 (Server 3) launched. Get on board to sail your Romance now.

Expanding your domain in the game that has revolutionized the way browser strategy games are played! If you are new for 2012 and got a talent of being, just show your war and master talent to those veterans. There is always a thing here that fit your bon appetite like...

--Say...Without paying a single penny to keep whole big legion alive. Relax the burden of maintaining huge armies, no need to worry about your armies deserting you. It can both fun and economical.

--Refinement system, another big feature, or we can call it recycling and make it work. There you can gather materials to make the best equipment without buying them from shop. Or you get spare but useless item for you somehow. Dismantle them, and recycling assets for refinement.

--The unique Auction function in game is another big feature. In 2012 player Market, player can trade their treasure for coins. You may accidentally find big fortune with lower cost. Maybe there is some other cases...

--Daily Quests that allow you to earn resources level your heroes and increase your noble rank.

--Everyone get an opponent. Troop Correlation that came up in game allowed every battle or fight can be unique. Your talent of designing a war definitely counts here.

--Sophisticated Age (No Bully) feature that protects you against stronger players giving you the ability to fight enemies relative to your own strength.

--Heroes that awaken in rebirth to become immensely powerful commanders.

--Temple Arena is definitely great challenge for you to own big fortune. Except for winning great treasures as rewards, but also have the chance to bet your luck by rolling Lucky Wheel.

Are you ready to get your Three fortunate.

View server warm up events here.

About War of 2012

War of 2012 is a browser based SLG game and is free to play. One starts out in the game from the Dark Age with basic city research and development. Battle tactics and strategy, as well as smart city management will allow players to move into the Castle Age and eventually the Imperial Age as they develop.

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