Plants vs. Zombies Online?!

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The browser game Plants vs. Zombies Online(developed by Youkia, not PopCap Games) has recently launched its open beta in Mainland, China. After the related reports made previously, we are now able to enter the game and unlock its secrets.

We know that Chinese game companies are famous around the world for their clone products. So, now, let's check out the real look of Plants vs. Zombies Online!

1. Interface

The game's main interface is similar to that of Plants vs. Zombies very much.


Below is the interface of Plants vs. Zombies!


What do you think? I have to say that the two games' interfaces are very alike in layout.

2. Combat

Plants vs. Zombies Online features turn-based combats. So, as shown below, you have to choose a stage first.


As is the case with Plants vs. Zombies, you have to choose several plants for combat after the stage choice. Since I'm still at a low level, I can only choose 3 plants at a time now.


Next is fight! Just as I said, the combats in the game are turn-based.


After winning a combat, you'll be shown a very familiar scene, that is, a pack filled with loots. Such is also the case with Plants vs. Zombies!


If the plants bear low HP, you can just put them in your garden for "photosynthesis", and fertilize and water them for the sake of HP recovery.


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