New Robot Themed Game Mech Hero is About to Release

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Mech Hero

After an amazing open-beta cycle, the new (and free) MMOSG called Mech Hero is now close to release! Thanks to the active, growing player community the game has taken a gigantic leap forward and reached its maturity.

Mech Hero Screenshots

What is Mech Hero?

Mech Hero is a browser-based MMOSG (or Massive Multiplayer Online Strategy Game) that combines classic strategy with RPG elements. Mech Hero takes place in a futuristic world where you control huge combat robots in an attempt to gain power over your enemies, with the ultimate goal of achieving victory.

Mech Hero Screenshots
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“Okay, so what’s so special about this game in particular?”

The novelty Mech Hero brings into MMOSGs is an advanced combat mechanism coupled with a unique Unit Behavior System; this allows for an easy way to control an individual unit's combat behavior. This combat can also be simulated, as well as visualized, to gain a better understanding of improvements a player should make to their current combat tactics.

Unlike the typical MMOSG, the player won't have to manage huge armies with thousands of units; in Mech Hero, each combat robot is a separate entity which has its own characteristics, weapons and battlefield behavior pattern.

In addition, with each battle, a combat robot gathers experience, which allows upgrading of their current characteristics and enriches their "intelligence" on the battlefield. Many additions, like NPCs (Non-player Controlled units), artifacts, and unique weapons, are hidden on the world map for players to explore.

Release is targeted for first week of November, 2010.

The full game cycle lasts several months, and will conclude with an amazing end-game scenario.

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