7 Browser Games That Should Be Made Into Movie

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There was once widely spread news saying that one of the most popular RPGs on Facebook, Mafia Wars, was being planned to be shot into a feature film. This came from Pajiba, and had been picked up by lots of other sites and welcomed by the twitterers.

Unfortunately, this rumor was denied soon on the next day by The Hollywood Reporter. But isn't this a good idea for a movie? Finding stories behind online games and making them into movies. There have been some movies made from games, such as Tomb Raider, Resident Evil (Biohazard), Max Payne, DragonBall, Doom and so on. Oh, never forget the wonderful Prince of Persia and the most anticipated World of Warcraft movie.

Well, back to the browser based games. Mafia Wars is quit for the moment. What about other games? Do they have the possibility to be filmed? Let's check out some of the most popular games below.

1. RuneScape

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Again here is RuneScape. This is the first title jumping out my mind when I was considering a game suitable for filming.

RuneScape has the largest user base in browser-based games, even more than most of the MMOs. This is its first advantage. And another reason to shoot a game movie is to attract more players for the game.

RuneScape has a well designed background story and lots of detailed world settings. Yes, you can even title the RuneScape with "World of". Lots of lands and dungeons with totally different features could be used as scenes, and races familiar to the fantasy story lovers and tons of quests could fill the full 120-minute storyline. All these will save a lot of time of screenwriter.


2. Travian >>

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