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For the sixth time, the industry of free2play web-based & social games is meeting on 5th and 6th November in Germany.

The opening keynote of this year’s browsergames forum will be held by Prof. Dr. Richard Bartle. By programming MUD (“Multi-User Dungeon”, the first ever MMO) together with his friend

Richard Bartle
Roy Trubshaw in 1978, he is seen as one of the pioneers of massively multiplayer games.

The author of “Designing Virtual Worlds” (2003), whose research inspired the popular “Bartle Test” for players of MMOGs is working as a professor at the University of Essex, England. He gives on his expertise in massively multiplayer games by lecturing game design to students and by contributing to “Terra Nova”, the most important blog about virtual worlds. Richard Bartle was awarded “The Pioneer Award” in 2005 for his part in creating the first MUD and the “Online Legend Award” in 2010.

Prof. Dr. Bartle’s keynote at the browsergames forum will be entitled “Gardens of Unearthly Delights”.
“Who else than one of the pioneers of MMOGs is better suited to open one of the most important networking event for web-based massively multiplayer games? We think Prof. Dr. Bartle’s keynote is a great way to start this year’s browsergames forum.”  (Florian Mai, Conference Manager browsergames forum ltd.)
For more details on topics, speakers and accreditation please visit

About Browsergames Forum Ltd:

The browsergames forum takes place for the sixth time and is organized by the browsergames forum ltd. (CEO Dr. Andreas Lober). The forum is for trade visitors only and was attended by more than 450 trade visitors in the last year.

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