GOOOAAAALLLLL! ! ! - Recommended Football-themed Browser Games
GOOOAAAALLLLL! ! ! - Recommended Football-themed Browser Games
Date:Sep 19 2010 10:28:13
KeyWords: Power Soccer, 11x11, Hattrick
With UEFA Champions League in full swing, will you feel happy for your favorite team’s win and frustrated for its lose? Below are a series of football-themed browser-based games I picked up for you. If you are also a football enthusiast, there must be one game suiting your taste!

11x11 is a free online game in the football manager style. You create a football club and manage it, compete with thousands of real opponents. The game doesn't require any installation, you can play it from home and from work.

Rec. Reason: Funny game name – “11x11”! The name tells everybody that it is a football game.

2. Football League

Football League is web based football management game. You own a team and compete against real opponents in real time. You choose team's tactic and change it during the game. Your aim is to defeat the rival team and increase your rating which moves you to a higher division. At the end of the championship the top 10 managers win prizes - the championship cup, statuettes, football t-shirts and balls.

Rec. Reason: Excellent tactic settings! You can set different team formations, playing styles and aggression levels etc., and targeted tactics are a precondition for victory.

3. Footballidentity

Footballidentity is a football (soccer) world where all characters are controlled by real users. Managers, Players and even Journalists have a user behind them and together they form teams and play matches together in the world's first turn-based strategy game based upon football. Players play matches, train and develop their skills. Managers handle transfers/contracts, match tactics and manage their team members.

Rec. Reason: In Footballidentity you choose what you want to be, and take on the role as a footballer, manager or even journalist. Very special, isn’t it?

4. Hattrick

Hattrick is an online, browser-based, football(soccer) management game. You trade players and coach your team in competition with hundreds of thousands of opponents playing simultaneously from all over the world. As well as the game, the community of players provide a great deal of entertainment.

Rec. Reason: As a super classical browser-based football manager game, Hattrick must be very familiar to you. So, no need to detail the reason, hahaaa…

5. Power Soccer

Power Soccer is a massive multiplayer web game of Soccer, where you control your players in real-time 3D. You can play one off games, or you can enter tournaments or leagues. The best part of it all is that entering the world of Power Soccer is free of charge.

Rec. Reason: As a 3D browser-based football game, Power Soccer can bring players amazing 3D football gaming experiences that only the consoles like Xbox and PS are able to bring in most cases.


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