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World of Lordcraft has released a new major patch. You can experience many new systems and more exciting battle graphics in this patch.

Update Log:

1. 6 new areas opened: Moonglade, Coldridge Mountains, Stranglethorn Vale, Boundless Prairie, Dragonblight and Searing Desert.   You can select these areas as your start location.
2. The game world is no longer a flat surface. Various terrain elements have been added to the world map.

1. You can click newly-added Arrows to switch between your castle and suburb lands or the world map.

1. All the human constructions now have new skins.
2. All the constructions now have a level cap of 20.
3. The resource and time consumption of upgrading has been adjusted.
4. You can spend Mithril Coins to instantly finish a building progress now.

Tech Trees:
1. Now you have two Tech Trees instead of three. They are Production Tech and Military Tech.
2. You can spend Mithril Coins instead of Theories of Time to reset your Tech Points now.
3. Please invest your Tech Points carefully, because you will find them more precious than before.

Military Units:
1. All military units have new 3D models and avatars now!
2. The stats of all military units have been adjusted.

1. All heroes have new 3D models and avatars now!
2. The stats of all heroes have been adjusted.
3. Heroes need more gears to arm with because they have more slots now.
4. The level cap of hero has been adjusted to 30.

1. All the equipments for hero have been redesigned.
2. The stats of all hero equipments have been adjusted.
3. Some items have been deleted for their low utilization rate. Some items' effect has been adjusted.
4. Now you need a proper key to open a chest.

1. Each area has a unique battle stage with special terrains.
2. All the combat actions of heroes and military units have added glorious visual effects. The combat system has more fun now.
3. Heroes can no longer get EXP from PvP events. Only PvE events provide EXP now.
4. Lords can no longer get reputation from PvE events. Only PvP events and certain quests provide reputation now.

1. We have rearranged the workflow of quests. If you’re not good at castle managing, it is recommended that you follow the Expansion   Quest to develop your castle.
2. All the quest rewards have been adjusted. If you don’t claim them, you will be short of resource.

Magic Shop:
1. Many commodities in the Magic Shop have been adjusted.

1. If this is the first time you play World of Lordcraft, you might as well spend several minutes reading the novice guide. And of   course, you can skip it.
2. Wanna try your luck today? Why don’t you turn the Wheel of Fortune?

1. We have modified the UI of some construction panels and menu according to players’ suggestions. They are quite handy now.
2. All the report panels have been redesigned for easy reading.

1. If you are a premium user, you can exchange your G Coins for relevant Mithril Coins in the game.

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