Bigpoint Wins Two GP Bullhound Media Momentum Awards

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Bigpoint Named to Top 50 League Table; Among Fastest Growing European Digital Entertainment Companies

HAMBURG, Germany, May 13, 2010 -- Bigpoint - the worldwide leader in browser-based video games - today announced that it won two GP Bullhound Media Momentum Awards at the annual event in London. In addition to its two awards, Bigpoint also joined the Top 50 League Table, a select group that consists of the 50 fastest growing digital entertainment companies in Europe.

"We are extremely delighted to have won these two important awards," said Nils Holger Henning, CCO, Bigpoint. "That Bigpoint, as a German gaming company, is among the 50 fastest growing companies in Europe proves that the games industry is a very attractive market with extraordinary potential."

Bigpoint won both the Fastest Growing Larger Company and Uniqueness of Offering awards. Along with other award-winning companies, such as Vente-Privee and, Bigpoint is the first browser-based games company from Germany to receive this honor.

The Media Momentum Awards is a popular event that takes place in London and attracts the "who's who" of Europe's digital media world. The sixth-annual awards event is organized by specialist media and technology investment bank, GP Bullhound. Premium Sponsors include Schroders Private Banking, Acton Capital Partners, and Kemp Little.

About Bigpoint
Bigpoint is the worldwide leader in browser-based video games. As an online-game publisher, content provider for large media companies, and developer, Bigpoint's game portfolio has achieved the same high quality associated with PC or console games. More than 390 employees from over 35 different nations work together at company's headquarters in Hamburg. Bigpoint also has locations in Berlin, San Francisco, and Malta. Its games are available in 20+ languages and provide more than 120 million gamers from Europe to America and beyond with free, first-class entertainment, without the hassle of having to download or install any additional software.

Please click here for Bigpoint's browser games list

About GP Bullhound:
With offices in London and San Francisco, GP Bullhound is a leading investment banking firm providing advice on mergers & acquisitions and institutional capital-raising to emerging growth companies in the Technology sector. The firm was established in 1999, and has completed over 90 M&A and Private Placement transactions since its founding. Comprised of some of the most experienced technology advisory professionals, our long track record and dedicated approach has helped us establish a leading global position. We have strong domain expertise in the areas of Internet and Digital Media, Software and Services, and CleanTech and Hardware, where we focus on providing preeminent advisory services to some of the best entrepreneurs, management teams and investors around the globe.

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