FarmVille And 7-Eleven Team Up For Summer Promotion

Date: May 10 2010 07:56:22 Source:
KeyWord: FarmVille, 7-eleven, Zynga, 7-Eleven sponsorship
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Fans of "FarmVille" should know that a promotion between Zynga and 7-Eleven will be taking part in the game across the summer. Details are slim, but new items are likely to make their way into the title in the form of a 7-Eleven Water Tower, Neapolitan Cow, Sandwich Cart, and Persimmon Tree, amongst others.


This will be the first third-party sponsorship to appear in Zynga's popular title. Players will be able to buy snacks and beverages whilst being rewarded with exclusive "FarmVille" items that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

As Zynga continues to put in place their battle plan for expanding into an international market, the 7-Eleven sponsorship is as exciting as it is bizarre. Although it allows players to gain new items, the 7-Eleven brand isn't a major force across the United States, and will definitely be recognized more fondly by those who live in certain states. More to the point, international players won't be able to participate in the promotion. It's unlikely many international gamers will recognize the brand anyway, this kind of American-exclusivity will ensure many players take part if they live in the states.

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