1100AD Interview: Developers Could Pay More Attention to the Games Historical Aspects

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BBGSite: Hi Vjacheslav, thanks for taking time for our interview. First of all, would you please introduce yourself and your team to our readers?

Vjacheslav Kanivetc: Hello, I am Vjacheslav Kanivetc, CTO of AmberGames. AmberGames — young, dynamically growing company that successfully develops free massive multiplayer online role playing games. The company was founded in the year 2006, now we have about 30 employees. We give people an opportunity to rest from everyday routine, plunge into a world of virtual reality and meet new friends. Our job is to bring people joy.

BBGSite: Why 1100AD? I mean, why did your team decide to name your game in this period and take this title? Maybe some stories behind the game during the development?

Vjacheslav Kanivetc: There are many games around but most of them pay too little attention to the historical aspects of the game, and what is logical and what is not for the setting. We believe that it is essential to provide a player the real feeling of the game they are playing to, so we have chosen the approximate historical date (in 1099 Jerusalem was captured by first Crusade forces, it was a famous and well known fact). We really wish a person to feel being a king of the Crusade times of Medieval times. Of course, it is not too easy to keep game play and historical facts close together but we are trying to find the happy medium of this.

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BBGSite: Sounds interesting! What’s your personal favorite part of the game? Are there any features that make 1100AD different from other strategy games and attract the players?

Vjacheslav Kanivetc: Actually there are several of them. I really like constructing my city, moving buildings, form the surface to make it look very nice. But of course, the main feature is real-time combat that happens exactly in the city you have just configured. Everything you construct – walls, gates, even creating forests give you tactical possibilities to crush your enemy. Same happens when you are the aggressor, so scouting is the key to success, you must find the best location to fight the opponent, or will be beaten.

1100ad Screenshots
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