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Lords Online, IGG's free-to-play browser-based strategy game, is coming out with an expansion that includes many new updates. The changes include revamped graphics, a new strategic data system, and the opening of the tombs. Here's an inside look at each of these three exciting additions.

The graphics revamp is the core of the expansion. Upon entering the game, players will immediately notice an improved view of their castles. Inside the city, players will see a wide range of interactions among the townsfolk they have never seen before. Citizens are moving from place to place, merchants trading their goods, and sentries patrolling the gates. Now each lord can look down on their city and feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments as they watch it grow and thrive thanks to their leadership.

Lords Online New Expansion

Being a leader is one thing, but providing truly great leadership for one's people is a different story. The challenges are great, so every lord needs the right tools to meet these challenges head-on. This is where the new strategic data system will come in handy. The system will not tell players how to run their cities, but rather will let them know what buildings are ready for construction, what upgrades are available, who is available to recruit, plus the advantages of every option. This will give decision-makers the information they need to make a sound decision at a moment's notice. More importantly, it gives players more time to focus on diplomacy and warfare.

Lords Online New Expansion

With their cities in order, the next task for players will be expanding their holdings and managing their campaigns. Leveling up heroes isn't always easy, and players old or new may need a break from the high-level monsters running around on the map. Instead of taking away the tough monsters and depriving players of the excitement these challenges offer, the Lords Online team has designed new places for heroes to level up. In the new underground tombs, heroes will encounter low-level monsters, but powerful bosses will also be present to give them some challenges worthy of their might, as well as worthwhile rewards.

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