AD&D Rules Influenced Evony-like Game Lords Online Design

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IGG’s forthcoming Lords Online browser-based strategy game combines a number of RPG elements to achieve a unique balance. Among the key elements are a number of rules based on standards established in the legendary Advanced Dungeons and Dragons system.

Gamers across Europe and North America have long admired the AD&D rules, and any new game incorporating similar conventions can count on players having a certain amount of instant familiarity and comfort without having to learn completely new ways of doing things. In fact, the imaginary worlds, creatures, civilizations, and swords and sorcery combat detailed in AD&D have had a lasting impact not only on games but also Western culture.

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In Lords Online, players have two map-based modes of play: Lord mode and Hero mode. AD&D rules have their greatest impact on Lord mode adventures, which include elements not generally found in traditional strategy games. Using Lord mode, players can recruit heroes to fight alongside their main character, allowing for unique teams built to take advantage of cooperative strategies and diverse classes.

Hero attributes are also strongly influenced by AD&D rules. Each hero has skills and abilities based on their three basic attributes: Strength, Agility and Intellect. As heroes grow, what they learn directly affects their attributes and effectiveness.

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AD&D influences are also found in the system Lords Online follows for improving a character’s equipment. As players collect better gear by completing quests in Hero mode, they can then improve what they’ve acquired to make their characters more formidable. The developers based equipment attributes on AD&D guidelines, so players can easily interpret how their gear stats affect a character’s performance in battle.

Even if players have never been exposed to AD&D rules, by using a proven blueprint as a starting point the developers have built a solid foundation for an exciting and entertaining fantasy adventure.

Visit the Lords Online forum at to learn more about the game and get the latest news.

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