Travian's Game Imperion Goes into Open Beta Now!

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It's excited to tell you that Travian Games have officially launched their first ever space game IMPERION. The same as Travian and Travians, Imperion was developed by Travian Games GmbH too. Imperion is a strategy browser MMO building game. According to trade press, 'a strong package of impressive graphics, well-proven gameplay as well as interesting and functional additions such as the species principle and diplomacy system' promises a 'brilliant gaming experience'. You can play online with and against thousands of other players.

Imperion Screenshot

About Imperion:

More than just a strategy game, Imperion is the gateway to a new era of reckoning - the colonization of endless space has begun. Join the experience and decide the fate of your people as their commander. It is the year 2137. Starting with one planet, you begin to build your intergalactic empire. Research new technologies, spaceships and buildings. Join a multitude of players exploring the universe, colonize and conquer distant planets. Trade with your allies, join a league or prepare for battle.

Imperion Screenshot

Three species with different abilities fight for dominion over space:

Terrans: very adaptable, hardy and enduring.
Xen: like insects, growing fast and operating in swarms.
Titans: advanced furthest in technology, and defensive.

Discover the world of Imperion and choose your species to lead to victory.  Go to the official site>>

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