Code D: Yes, We Hear What You Said!

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Code D: Yes, We Hear What You Said!

---in-game features birthed from player's advice.

A MMO player's casual suggestion actually affected the evolution of equipment systems of Code D.Jason Skaja, is an American MMO player who had posted a suggestion thread after he ran into one of our unveiled game info through the thread "Name the weapon". He might never believe that his idea of in-game equipment system had finally been put into the Code D game. But it did happen, and he's surely gained a "front seat ticket" to enter Code D Close Beta without any doubt.


Some of the assassin’s wearings

Featured in-game systems:

1. Equipment Refining
You can power up your attack and defense through refining your equipment.

2. Equipment Combination
You can add new attributes like strength or stamina to your equipment through combining you equipment.

3. Rune Embedding
When the equipment is embedded with a rune, it will gain an appropriate bonus, like empowered damage output.

Jason Skaja's advice:

"The idea I have for Items , weapons and armor call it statis effects or Effects for short. I'm going to break them down in each type.

type 1 = Item effects should have healing bonus like for a healing herb adds +5 with the Effects in place.

type 2 = armor effects should offer more speed , def . stealth.

type 3 = effects for weapons should be about hitting , weapon deflecting battle damage."

Maybe we could not build all your dreams, maybe we could only merge some of your ideas with our recent pieces of crafts. But we do know your support is our core power and we'll try hard to build a great game for all our customers like you. So don't hesitate to drop us a note if you have any advice about Code D or even any thoughts about your ideal MMO game here.

Jason Skaja
Forum name: Shouzii
Game played: Guild wars, world of warcraft, runescape, conquer online, zero online, crazy tao, the warlords, kal online, gates to heave.

Advice Thread:,1.html

"Name the weapon" thread:,1.html

Ideas and Suggestions board:

Enter the forum event: "Guess what happened" for this week to find out more about Code D.

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Ever Dream Studio was founded in 2008 as a small independent studio which expanded into a much bigger one in 2009. We are a global team consisted of 30-plus staff and we specialize in Massively Multiplayer Online Game development. 

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