An Interesting Topic: Evolution of Evony Video Game Ads

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Evolution of Evony Video Game Ads

The article is written by BBGsite's member adamskydancer. Thanks him for sharing it.

Readers' minds think alike, sometimes, and the changing advertising campaign for the "empire building" video game Evony caught the attention of fds, torenc, Assaf N., Elisabeth R., Sabriel, Nicole O., and Liz B. (images found at Gawker and Coding Horror, and hope I didn't miss anyone who sent it in). Online ads for the game started out like this:

Evolution of Evony Video Game Ads

Then they added a woman with a little boob showing:

Evolution of Evony Video Game Ads

In case people weren't noticing the cleavage, the ad evolved into one where the boobs are pointed out a bit more explicitly:

Evolution of Evony Video Game Ads

Moving on to a slightly more realistic look:

Evolution of Evony Video Game Ads

And then they realized they could just dispense with all subtlety and get to the important part:

Evolution of Evony Video Game Ads

Presumably some players will be disappointed that there isn't a female "queen" to be saved or oogled in the game at all–the women were invented only for the purpose of adding boobs to the ads. Jeff A. from Coding Horror says,

Adam said:  Well,  pictures definitely says more than words.  lolz

You can discuss the topic here:,1.html

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