Tribal Wars: All Worlds Updated to 5.3

Views: Date: Mar 25 2009 07:31:56
KeyWord: Tribal Wars,Update 5.3
Summary: All worlds of Tribal Wars were updated to version 5.3. Market and rally point now have their own history.
All worlds of Tribal Wars were updated to version 5.3.

Changes That Were Made:
  • PA: Market and rally point now have their own history

  • PA: Icon in report list indicating if max. carry capacity of troops was reached

  • The title of a report now also shows the name of the originating village. Note that the title of reports from before 5.3 will not contain the village name.

  • Tribe Forum: Possibility to mark all threads in all forums as read

  • Change rights of arbitrary amount of tribe members in just one step

  • Main building: Possibility to display all buildings that you are not able to build yet and their requirements.

  • BBCode-bar now available when editing the ally description

  • Help: Selecting a world now done with a drop down instead of a long horizontal list

  • Arrows to browse through one's village: If one reaches the first or last of one's villages, the left and the right arrow does not disappear anymore. Clicking on it gets one to the last or first village, respectively.

  • Bugfix: Removed first line from color picker in BBCode-bar which only consisted of the color white

  • Bugfix: Paladin does not kill enemy units anymore if equipped with Kalid's telescope and accompanied by spies

  • Bugfix: Players who are already a member of a given tribe cannot be invited into that tribe anymore

  • Bugfix: Under certain circumstances browsing through one's villages with the arrows got broken when one of the villages had been enobled.

About Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars is a browser-based game set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village, striving for power, glory and fame. Take down your enemies and prove you are a worthy champion. Your goal is to lead a medieval village to fame and power. With your help the small village will grow bigger and bigger. The population grows, production rises and trade prospers. More Features..

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