Gladius2: Your Critique and Our Explanations

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Summary: After completing the victory-point update, we've noticed that there have been several points of criticism made that strongly influence the opinions in the game.

The Official Press is as below:

Hello Community.

After completing the victory-point update, we've noticed that there have been several points of criticism made that strongly influence the opinions in the game. We'd like to take this opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings about these points of criticism and emphasize to you that this update was an important step in the right direction.

Our wish is to discuss the points of criticism which we've selected from your complaints and try to come up with a solution to the unexplained questions and points of criticism by using your feedback.

The following points really caught our eye from the feedback you gave us:

New rules for awarding of VPs

For some time now, it has been our desire and the wish of the community to give PvP battles (player vs. player) a more important position within the game. Using this as our starting point for our further deliberations, we needed to pose the question:"How can we improve PvP combat without changing essential technical elements which we require for server balancing?" The solution to this problem will take several steps which have already been explained in the forum. We've also outlined these points again below.

The modification of these victory points was one of the most important steps in the right direction. The awarding of more victory points represents the reward that you receive when you defeat a real opponent in this game. With more victory points, players advance to the next level quicker and become stronger. Some players will not be pleased by this change since they will now have to change their habit of collecting gold. After all, Gladius2 is still a fighting game, not a collecting game; for this reason, the focus has been turned to improving PvP battles. Collecting gold is admittedly needed for financing the repair and level-up of your own armor, but the new system for awarding victory points also gives you the ideal chance to advance to the next level faster by getting victory points quicker in PvP combat - and as we already mentioned, a higher level will help you become continually stronger.

We set up the system for the loss of victory points as follows: You can lose victory points up to a single-digit percent value (this still needs to be modified, please see comment below). The deduction will be made from the victory points which have been collected for the next level-up. These victory points will be displayed under"Current:" at the bottom right in the arena.


Fewer VPs for NPCs and no VPs for crates

Since PvP battle was meant to be a basic component of the game right from the very start but was nevertheless largely avoided, the NPCs were used instead to enable players to level up. This, however, is not the point of the game: An MMOG means interacting with each other in the form of user-against-user fights, the PvP. The NPCs will continue to reward players with gold and victory points, but will no longer represent the major part of the game. NPCs are only partially intended to be used for leveling up. Whoever wants to work their way up the ladder will need to compete against other users in battle.

And now that leveling up has been made easier but NPCs remain in their level, it's easier to beat existing NPCs from a higher user level. For these reasons, the victory points for NPCs were reduced. Whoever wants to fight only NPCs will also advance to the next level, but at a much slower tempo than the braver warrior who favors PVP combat.
And, as we already stated above, Gladius2 is a fighting game and not a game about collecting crates. Users in the higher leagues should be fighting each other. In the old ranking formula, the crates which were collected were factored into the ranking and were given far too much credit. This had to be changed to promote fighting again. Therefore, crates will continue to have normal contents in them, however, in the higher leagues they will no longer contain victory points.

Safe paths in all leagues

Since PvP combat has now been given priority in the game, we also saw the danger that strong players will keep all the weaker players at bay by killing everything that enters the arena. To avoid a bloody slaughter, we'll be turning on the safe paths in the higher leagues. In the first version which was used up until yesterday night, we realized that the game looked like a scene from a dance club where all the boys stand around the dance floor and as soon as a girl makes her way to the middle they all pounce on her. To minimize this kind of behavior and to still offer a suitable escape option in the arenas, we changed the times slightly by restarting the server last night and made the possibility of making it to the"safe paths" slightly harder for players. We'll continue to keep an eye on this and if it is necessary will change the values once again.

You can join in the discussion and provide constructive criticism about the individual points in the thread (see below).

We'd like to let you know what we'll be integrating into the game in the near future so that you don't get the impression that we've ignored your critique:

The first thing we will undertake is to modify the values for winning and losing victory points. The next time the server is restarted, you'll lose a little less and win a little more. The values in detail:

For the 6th, 5th and 4th league
From - 6 LV ..Loss: 0%...Win: 0%
- 5 LV .... Loss: 0%...Win: 0%
+/- 0 LV ... Loss: 3.8%...Win: 3.0%
From + 5 LV .. Loss: 7.5%..Win: 6.0%
For the 3rd league
From - 11 LV .. Loss: 0%...Win: 0%
- 10 LV .... Loss: 0%...Win: 0%
+/- 0 LV ... Loss: 3.8%...Win: 3.0%
From + 10 LV .. Loss: 7.5%..Win: 6.0%
For the 2nd league
From - 16 LV .. Loss: 0%...Win: 0%
- 15 LV .... Loss: 0%...Win: 0%
+/- 0 LV ... Loss: 3,8%...Win: 3.0%
Ab + 15 LV .. Loss: 7.5%..Win: 6.0%
For the 1st league:
From - 21 LV .. Loss: 0%...Win: 0%
- 20 LV .... Loss: 0%...Win: 0%
+/- 0 LV ... Loss: 3.8%...Win: 3.0%
From + 20 LV .. Loss: 7.5%..Win: 6.0%

Furthermore, the first-aid kit, i.e. a repair item, is being planned which you'll be able to find inside the crates and that as soon as you pick it up in the arena you'll be healed completely.

In addition, we're also planning to have a silver armor as well as the gold armor available to players in the depot. The silver armor would then be bought and repaired for silver. If you enter the arena wearing silver armor, there will be different contents inside the crates (e.g. less gold and more silver) than when you wear gold armor. We are currently discussing how to implement this feature and the values and the possibilities to do this still have to be fine-tuned.

We are also currently working on new leagues with new NPCs and new level requirements – which will once again be based on the current update for the awarding victory points.
In addition, missions, clan battles and armor improvements with"drop gems" are being planned.

Since we're not finished with making improvements to the game, we'd like to ask you to please be patient and to help us out. You can work together with us by providing constructive criticism in the discussion thread below.

Here's to positive discussion so that we can all work in the same direction together to improve the game.

Your Gladius2 Team

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