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Summary: The following major changes were made on 1/20/2009. Fixed a few issues with the Stargate, the Floor and Arrow buttons now work correctly...

Daily Changes From 1/20/2009

The following major changes were made on 1/20/2009:

  • Stargate
    Fixed a few issues with the Stargate, the Floor and Arrow buttons now work correctly so you can set a Destination room on a different floor or room off to the side of the default view.
  • New DPT Weapons
    Three new DPT weapons have been added today:

    • Lightning Hands for Martial Arts
    • Shwubbery for Exotic Weapons
    • Big-budda Boom for Heavy Munitions
  • New use for Sub Level Points
    Anyone can now spend 100 sub level points to get a Ruby Ticket, you can do this via the Spend Sublevel Points screen after getting 100 or more points.

    You will then get a "Ruby Ticket" in your trade bag, the Market of Wonders NPC at 32, 62 KV will take a Ruby Ticket and give you a Random Uncommon Plan in teturn.

    Additional uses for Ruby Tickets may be added at a later date.
  • Lag
    Some of you may be experiencing Lag, the problem seems to be with my hosts and I have a support ticket open with them I hope to update you on what the problem is as and when I find out.
  • PvP Change Announcement
    From now on when someone loses in PvP they will lose 1000 * [Their Level]  in experience, this means that for the first time it will be possible to get negative experience ... for Sublevel 10,000 players this may not mean much but hopefully for the lower levels this should be a big deterrant to being paid to lose to someone in a PvP fight.
  • Lag
    The lag problem for those it affected should be fixed now, although I will continue to monitor it. Today is a DaD day, every Saturday and Tuesday (all day) people that take part in PvP will get 150% experience and double PvP fame from PvP kills, also UW Vessel kills will give double fame.

  • Bought Extra Item of the Day: Purple advertising supplies
    If you want your goods to stand out on the marketeer, consider obtaining some advertising supplies or paint and enhancing your listings. A colorful display may attract people to your shops and help you sell more although good pricing will also help!
    Go to File > Buy Extras > Amazing Items to learn more about this extra.
  • Iowa Jones has initiated a treasure hunt, to start the hunt goto 27, 47 Knotwood Valley and speak to him!!
  • The Heart of Knotwood treasure hunt has been completed by Vellessard
  • Ilandria: The foul demons are upon Greater Riverden in Riverscape, rally yourselves ... or all may be lost!
  • Astronomer Glammer: It would appear our planet is currently experiencing a meteor storm, perhaps now would be a good time to look for star metal meteorites!
  • The Master: Oh it seems my palace has decided to land, and who shall todays victim be .... ah yes Rayna Stormwood, come inside at 18 72 Knotwood Valley if you dare!
  • Vengeance: For crimes against Topaz Dragon kind Djkarate has been sentenced to death, your executioner awaits you at 66 92 Knotwood Valley.
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