RuneScape: Weak Passwords Must be Changed

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Summary: The official website of RuneScape released a formal announcement to advise players not to use common passwords.

RuneScape: Weak Passwords Must be Changed

The official website of RuneScape released a formal announcement to advise players not to use common passwords.

We have noticed that a relatively large number of our users are using the same few extremely common passwords.

Using an extremely common password puts your account at significant risk, as it makes it extremely easy for someone else to guess it. In particular certain dictionary words and names are extremely common choices.

To help keep our users safe we have therefore today disallowed the use of the 500 most common passwords that people choose. You will no longer be able to use these very common passwords. If you already have one of these weak passwords, then you will be forced to change your password when you next try to login to the game.

For help on how to change your password:

Every RuneScape account is accessed via a unique username and player-chosen password. We encourage our players to choose a password that is easy for them to remember but difficult for others to guess. To avoid forgetting their password, we advise our players to write it down on a piece of paper and keep it safe. We also stress that players should never divulge their password to anybody else, including friends and family.

If a player discloses their password for any reason, they leave it open for others to use. If you are having problems accessing your account, it could be that somebody else knows your password and has subsequently changed it. If this occurs, or you simply cannot remember your password, you can try to retrieve your lost account by submitting a password recovery form. This form can be found by going to the RuneScape
homepage and clicking on 'Account'. This will take you to Account Management; click on 'Recover Password' at the bottom of the page.

For more details click here.


For guidelines on how to choose a good password:

A good password is one that is not easy to guess or work out, is easy for you to remember, is at least eight letters long and contains a mix of letters and numbers.

  • DO NOT pick any word or number which has a connection to you, so don't pick your favourite animal or your house number.

  • DO NOT just use a number at the end of a word, such as HVYDG8076

  • DO NOT use common number and letter substitutions e.g. 4 as the word 'for', 1 as 'L' or 'I', 5 as 'S'

  • DO NOT use repeating characters 'bbbbbbbbbb' or series of characters such as 'kbkbkbkbkbkb'.

  • DO NOT use your name, account name or name of an item either forwards, backwards or divided up.

  • DO NOT use a series of characters off any keyboard such as 'qwerty', 'lkjhgf' or 'qazwsxedc', as these are very common and hijackers will look for these.

For more details click here.

We recommend you use a combination of letters and numbers, and then write the password down and store it in a very safe place so you don't forget it. Andrew.

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