Top 6 Free Strategy Games

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Top 6 Free Strategy Games

It's not news that tons of free online games get released every year, while some would be remembered as the best games in the field of browser based games. These are Top 6 strategy browser based games I recommended for you. I rely a lot on gamer feedback as well as my personal experience when rating these games, so if you have an opinion on the subject, feel free to leave a comment.

(Note: The list excludes RPG and Simulation, only contains Strategy Games.)


No.6: King Of Chaos

Kings of Chaos Developer: Kings of Chaos, LLC
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Official Website:

In Kings of Chaos, you are in command of an army of either humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, or undead. The aim of the game is to strengthen your army to attack enemy warlords and take their gold! Players are ranked so you can see how your forces stack up to everyone else.

Kings of Chaos

What makes it so tasty? Each race in Kings of Chaos has a particular area in which they excel. These can work to your advantage in gaining higher rankings, so it is worth considering them before choosing your race.( For example: Humans earn 25% more gold each turn than the other three races. Since this can be used for just about anything, it is very flexible. Elves are 35% better at spy action than any other race. This can be a great advantage when spying on or sabotaging other people's armies.)

To be successful in Kings of Chaos, you should manage your army and defeat your enemies. You can keep your troops in top condition and recover from losses. A powerful army will be strong in all four aspects of the game: attacking, defending, spying, and counter-intelligence. This makes it important to keep your forces and efforts relatively balanced in all these areas. There are a number of ways to build your army and thus generate more gold and become more powerful: you can get people to click on your Unique Link, giving you an additional soldier each time it is clicked. In this age, you can click links up to 5 times per 24 hours. You can also recruit other people as your officers - for every two soldiers your officers gain from their links, you will gain an extra soldier. You may also buy mercenaries - soldiers that will fight for you but will not generate extra gold.


Kings of Chaos

Kings of Chaos

Kings of Chaos

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