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Summary: Today, I discovered a special letter by chance, it talks about financial crisis, games, Christmas and ideals.

It's not news that tons of absorbing and warm game contents get released every Christmas. Today, I discovered a special letter by chance, it talks about financial crisis, games, Christmas and ideals. The letter posted on the Domain of Heroes's forum. (We just want to share this letter with you, reflect only the views and opinions of the authors.)

Domain of Heroes

Hello everyone! Fair warning...I might ramble/soapbox...

As the Christmas season has befallen us so quickly again this year, I just wanted to take a moment reflect on a few things. It seems like the news is filled with two things right now: Doom and gloom about the economy, and shopping deals. I personally feel it is important to keep a long term perspective on things, and this financial crisis/recession will pass.

What doesn't seem to get a lot of press is how many people need our help. I urge you to consider what you can do to make an impact on your local community this Christmas. Something as small as buying an action figure for a needy kid will help that kid feel loved on Christmas because an adult thought about him/her. Of course it isn't about the toy, but about the effort to show them that someone else cares.

An example: over 70,000 kids in Texas (where I live) are in need of adoption. 70,000. That is huge. My wife and I decided earlier this year to go through the Foster Care/Adoption program so that we could help some of these kids. Not because we want to collect kids, but because in my heart I know it is the right thing to do. I just think about how sad I would be if I needed a family to love me and nobody would.

Many more children have loving families, but in a time of lost jobs, their parents don't have the money to get them anything for Christmas. We didn't have hardly any money growing up, and now as a parent, I know it must have been such a burden on my parents to struggle through the holidays/birthdays not being able to provide for their kids they way they wanted.

I still love toys, and have them scattered around my office. If you're like me, then shopping for needy kids is wonderful - go to Toys R Us or Target and get some sweet toys - they don't have to be expensive. I get Hot Wheels and Star Wars figures and put them in shoe boxes to give away. Most churches will take these donations, and malls often have the "giving trees" where you can get a kid's name/gender/age and drop off a gift for them.

Back to the financial update. Since launch, I haven't taken any of the money that DoH has earned. We've given away about 70% of the revenues...not profits. One organization we've donated to is - it is an organization to support Women in the Games Industry. Giving away the lion's share of our revenues probably isn't the wisest business decision, but right now it is the right thing to do to help others.

If you have causes/organizations/people that you feel compelled to give to, now is the time. We all have bills (lots of them), and it is so easy to say "when I get this paid off, I'll be able to help ... " - but that day never seems to come. There is always something that absorbs our time and money, so if you can, act now. I'm only 29, but even at this age I know how much better it is to give than to receive.

In closing, I want to thank everyone again for your support of Domain of Heroes and Tandem Games. The launch has been wonderful, and we're helping people while we all have fun playing some games.


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