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Fantasy City Builder Game with Elves and HumansDate: Mon Apr 24 02:04:34 2017

Embark on exciting quests on the world map, explore the areas around your city and pick up rare relics to boost your production. And don’t forget to research advanced technologies! More than 200 different improvements can be discovered and unlocked in the online city builder world of Elvenar.


Fantasy City Builder Game with Elves and Humans

My Free Farm 2 is Now a 3D Cross-platform Browser GameDate: Wed Feb 21 06:30:16 2018

One of the most popular upjers apps, My Free Farm 2 is now not just limited to mobile gamers. The colorful and quirky 3D farm can now be played on PCs


League Of Angels III Closed Beta Testing Opens On Feb 5 Th, ...Date: Sun Feb 04 23:20:01 2018

We are cordially inviting you to join us in League of Angels III to continue your legendary journey in a fantasy world where the war between Angels and dragons is looming! Let us form the Legion of the Elite to vanquish the evil and avert the Crisis once and for all


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